Business Credit

We are small business owners in Central Illinois. We see all the difficulties in getting credit and financing that all other small businesses see. Banks do not want to lend to anything but established and successful businesses.

We needed to find a way to access capital for small businesses and after years of looking, we finally found it. There are millions of small businesses starting up, operating and growing in America today. Most do not know of the wealth of services and money sources that are out there waiting for them to use.

The success of your business depends primarily on cash flow, either increasing or even remaining solvent. For this, we establish relationships with a variety of lenders, consultants, business affiliates and advisers, ranging from small local institutions to Fortune 500 companies.

We will help you to build solid relationships with our vendors, ensuring you get the best services and products available while keeping cost in mind. We' re here to help you solve your money problems. We'll work with you to succeed and live the life of a successful business owner.


Business Funding

After 25 years in business we have learned a lot about how the system works. We are here to make it work for you. We know what the money men want and can guide you to meet their requirements.

When you know what they want, you are much more likely to get what you want. Raising money and financing your small business is very difficult these days.

Banks will not loan money to new businesses that do not yet have a track record. Building business credit lets your business get its own credit without affecting your personal credit.